Ukraine invasion: Will Russia’s attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant cause a meltdown?

Shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has injured two people and caused a fire, but it is unlikely to release radiation unless the situation gets significantly worse Physics 4 March 2022 By Matthew Sparkes A fire at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant following a Russian attack on 4 March Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant/Anadolu Agency … Read more

Mobile phone detection cameras catch over 270,000 offenders in Australia

The proportion of drivers in New South Wales illegally using their mobile phones has dropped fivefold since AI cameras began catching offenders Technology 8 December 2021 By Alice Klein A driver using their phone in a photo captured by a mobile phone detection camera in New South Wales, Australia Uncredited/AP/Shuttersto​ck World-first cameras in Australia that … Read more