Chimps Apply Insects to their Wounds

Christopher Intagliata: Chimpanzees can make tools, they display emotions, and they can outfox humans at certain memory games. But chimps also resemble us in another way—they use medicine. They’re known to eat tough leaves and bitter plants to purge parasites from their guts.   Now researchers have observed chimps applying a never-before-seen type of treatment—snatching flying … Read more

Want a free trip to suborbital space? Apply by Feb. 15 to become a ‘citizen astronaut’

You don’t necessarily have to be rich or famous to score a ride to suborbital space. The nonprofit Space for Humanity is currently accepting applications for its Citizen Astronaut Program, which trains folks for suborbital spaceflight and will foot the bill for their trip to the final frontier. But you’ll have to act fast to … Read more