Gurney Halleck vows revenge in Boom! Studios’ new ‘Dune: The Waters of Kanly’ comic series

While we patiently wait two more years until the second half of director Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” saga comes to the silver screen to get our next cinematic fix of spice, Boom! Studies has been the vanguard with a captivating roster of “Dune-based” comic book series and one-shots set in the dense “Dune-iverse.”  Boom!’s expansive plunge … Read more

The Pandemic Set Off a Boom in Diagnostics

A decade ago Willy Ssengooba began crisscrossing Uganda, training health-care workers on how to use a new machine to detect tuberculosis. The deadly lung disease infects around 90,000 people in the East African nation annually, but it can sometimes take months to diagnose using traditional methods such as culturing samples of coughed-up sputum. These new … Read more

Solar Power Could Boom in 2022, Depending on Supply Chains

2022 is shaping up to be a solar boom. That is, if supply chain constraints don’t undercut the industry. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects U.S. solar companies will install 21.5 gigawatts of utility-scale capacity this year, shattering the annual record of 15.5 GW set last year. But EIA’s projection comes amid a period of considerable uncertainty … Read more

The Pandemic Has Created a ‘Zoom Boom’ in Remote Psychotherapy

In the before times, clinical psychologist Leslie Becker-Phelps met with patients in a tidy private office in Basking Ridge, N.J., carefully observing their demeanor, body language and, with couples, interpersonal vibe. That changed with COVID’s social-distancing exigencies. “My office is a 14-foot by 14-foot room,” she explains, “and I am not going to do therapy … Read more