Best time to buy binoculars and save

If you’ve tried to buy a pair of the best binoculars for stargazing in recent months you’ll know that prices are sky-high. In fact, all shapes, sizes and price points of binoculars for kids and adults are about 30% higher now compared to last year. Why have binoculars become so expensive? What’s the best time … Read more

New ways to suck up methane can buy us vital time in the climate fight

Remove a billion tonnes of methane from the air and we could cool Earth by 0.2°C, extending the window of opportunity to remove carbon dioxide before it is too late Technology 2 March 2022 By Katharine Sanderson Graham Carter The warming of our planet is usually blamed on carbon dioxide, but there is another major … Read more

Telltale Tsunami Sounds Could Buy More Warning Time

Editor’s Note (1/18/22): On January 15 the eruption of a volcano near Tonga triggered a far-ranging tsunami. This story about detecting tsunamis created by earthquakes is being republished in light of this event. Buoys operate as today’s state-of-the-art tsunami-detection system. Seismic data can tell officials that an underwater earthquake has occurred, but strategically placed floating … Read more