Stonehenge may have been used as a solar calendar

Stonehenge may have been used as a solar calendar, with each of the stones representing a day and sections of the circle of stones possibly corresponding to weeks, an archaeologist now says. An accurate solar calendar consists of about 365.25 days and is important for preventing the seasons from falling out of place (such as … Read more

Archaeologist Identifies a Lost Timekeeping System in The Stones of Stonehenge

We stick calendars on the wall or load them up on our phones, but the people of the third millennium BCE used giant rocks, new research suggests. A new study explains how Stonehenge may have originally been used to keep track of a solar year (aka tropical year) of 365 and a quarter days, which … Read more

Stonehenge may have been a giant calendar and now we know how it works

The sarsen stones of the Stonehenge monument could have been designed as a calendar to track a solar year, with each of the stones in the large sarsen circle representing a day within a month Humans 2 March 2022 By Alison George Stonehenge – an ancient calendar? / Alamy Stonehenge has long been thought … Read more

The Convoluted History of The Modern Western Calendar

For something that’s meant to lend order to our lives, the modern Western calendar has a messy history. The mess, in part, comes about because of the difficulty of coordinating the orbits of celestial bodies with the cycles of day and night, and the passage of the seasons.   The year measured by the earth’s … Read more

Space calendar 2021: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

LAST UPDATED Dec. 8: These dates are subject to change, and will be updated throughout the year as firmer dates arise. Please DO NOT schedule travel based on a date you see here. Launch dates are collected from NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, Spaceflight Now and others. Watch NASA webcasts and other live launch coverage on our webcast page. Find out what’s up in … Read more