‘Limited’ Tactical Nuclear Weapons Would Be Catastrophic

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given orders to increase the alert level of Russia’s nuclear forces and has made veiled nuclear threats. The blatant aggression against Ukraine has shocked Europe and the world. The war is a tragedy for Ukraine. It also exposes the limits of the West’s … Read more

The Holiday ‘Buying Season’ Can Have a Catastrophic Cost, And Not to Your Wallet

As extreme weather events in Canada and around the world are linked to human-made climate change, there is one story that continues to be left out: the connection between climate change and the products we purchase.   Recent research shows that across a product’s life cycle – from raw material extraction through manufacturing, distribution, use … Read more

4D printing: Hackers could sabotage components to cause catastrophic failures

Attackers could gain access to printers and manipulate designs of parts such as aircraft propellers in ways that are difficult to detect Technology 10 December 2021 By Matthew Sparkes 4D printed ceramic samples on display at a tech fair Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo 4D printing, a new technology that creates parts that change shape … Read more