How does metal 3D printing work?

Metal 3D printing can produce the most intricate rocket parts, using combustion-resistant material. While 3D printing isn’t new, how has the technology advanced to face the more extreme conditions of space? From plastic to metal Since the first 3D printers appeared in the 1980s, its applications have continued to grow. Initially, the technology was relatively … Read more

Meet Relativity Space: the little 3D printing rocket company that could

One fast-growing rocket start-up is 3D printing its way to space. The space industry is in the middle of a historic boom. As industry giants take their first leaps and crewed voyages to outer space, new, smaller rocket companies continue to crop up, adding to the brewing frenzy to get to space faster, cheaper and … Read more

4D printing: Hackers could sabotage components to cause catastrophic failures

Attackers could gain access to printers and manipulate designs of parts such as aircraft propellers in ways that are difficult to detect Technology 10 December 2021 By Matthew Sparkes 4D printed ceramic samples on display at a tech fair Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo 4D printing, a new technology that creates parts that change shape … Read more