‘Don’t Look Up’ delivers a punch in comet-themed climate change film satire (review)

It’s only four minutes into the new Netflix comet impact film “Don’t Look Up” when astrophysicist Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio, “Inception”; “Before the Flood”) makes his first mistake. Mindy is leading a team trying to figure out the position and pathway of the newly discovered object, “and that will check the distance between the comet … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio: How comet-themed ‘Don’t Look Up’ shows climate crisis as an emergency

Leonardo DiCaprio’s longstanding passion for climate change, which even brought him to NASA a few years back, is now on screen in a new movie. The Oscar-winning actor (“The Revenant”, “Inception”) is the lead for the cast of “Don’t Look Up” (Netflix, Dec. 10), a dark satire about a deadly comet heading for Earth. Director … Read more