New tree species: Uvariopsis dicaprio named in honour of Leonardo DiCaprio

By Chen Ly The new species – Uvariopsis dicaprio Lorna MacKinnon A tropical, evergreen tree from Cameroon, the first plant species to be named as new to science in 2022, has officially been labelled Uvariopsis dicaprio today in honour of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It adds to the list of the strange and spectacular plants … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio: How comet-themed ‘Don’t Look Up’ shows climate crisis as an emergency

Leonardo DiCaprio’s longstanding passion for climate change, which even brought him to NASA a few years back, is now on screen in a new movie. The Oscar-winning actor (“The Revenant”, “Inception”) is the lead for the cast of “Don’t Look Up” (Netflix, Dec. 10), a dark satire about a deadly comet heading for Earth. Director … Read more