‘It looks like Iron Curtain 2.’ Arctic research with Russia curtailed after Ukraine invasion | Science

This year, polar bears will cross from Alaska to Siberia as they do every spring, plodding across the frozen Chukchi Sea to their summer home on Russia’s Wrangel Island. But this time, U.S. scientists won’t be following them. “There’s no way,” says Eric Regehr, a University of Washington (UW), Seattle, polar bear biologist who was … Read more

‘Bubble curtain’ could reduce hurricane intensity in Gulf of Mexico

A technology that keeps Norway’s fjords ice-free in winter could help prevent devastating hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico in the future, a Norwegian company now backed by an independent study believes. It’s a hot, humid summer in Louisiana sometime around the mid-2020s. Weather forecasters are keeping an eye on a tropical depression forming in … Read more