3 Revolutionary Women of Mathematics

From the profound revelations of the shape of space to the furthest explorations reachable by imagination and logic, the history of mathematics has always been seen as a masculine endeavor. Names like Gauss, Euler, Riemann, Poincare, Erdős, and the more modern Wiles, Tao, Perelman, and Zhang, all of them associated with the most beautiful mathematics discovered since … Read more

What if Math Is a Fundamental Part of Nature, Not Something Humans Came Up With?

Nature is an unstoppable force, and a beautiful one at that. Everywhere you look, the natural world is laced with stunning patterns that can be described with mathematics. From bees to blood vessels, ferns to fangs, math can explain how such beauty emerges.   Math is often described this way, as a language or a … Read more

What is an algorithm? | New Scientist

Although human civilisation had been pondering the many nuances of mathematics since before the time of the ancient Greeks, it was the 9th-century Persian polymath Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi who developed the concept of algebra, allowing us to solve complicated equations with moving variables. It was his work that formed the foundation of what we … Read more