James Webb Space Telescope marks deployment of all mirrors

NASA’s massive new observatory has notched another milestone. After nearly a full month in space, the James Webb Space Telescope, also known as JWST or Webb, is nearly at the end of its deployment work. The complicated series of deployments has seen the telescope transform from its tightly-folded launch configuration to what looks like a … Read more

Here’s how the James Webb Space Telescope is aligning its mirrors in deep space

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to fine-tune its mirrors to ultimately peer into the deep and distant universe. The telescope launched Dec. 25 with the 18 hexagonal segments of its primary mirror and its secondary mirror folded up and stowed so that the components would survive the rigors of liftoff. Now, the telescope is … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope begins lining up its golden mirrors

Just weeks after the excitement of launch, the James Webb Space Telescope is already seeking focus in space. Engineers are beginning alignment procedures for the recently unfolded 18-segment massive golden mirror. The work will eventually get these individual reflectors working as a single focusing device, NASA officials wrote in a blog update posted on Wednesday … Read more

With James Webb Space Telescope’s huge sunshield in place, focus shifts to big mirrors

We can all take a deep breath before the James Webb Space Telescope’s next major deployment. On Tuesday (Jan. 4), Webb finished bringing its huge, five-layer sunshield up to the proper tension, wrapping up the most complex and tricky operation of the $10 billion observatory’s lengthy deployment phase.  The mission team can therefore now turn … Read more