The Terminator movies in order

If you’re looking to watch The Terminator movies in order, you’re going to need our guide, or a PhD in temporal mechanics. The Terminator franchise is a sci-fi epic – six movies (some excellent, some questionable), each one a building block to form the intrepid web of cyborg assassins and future wars. But what is … Read more

Marvel movies in chronological order

Let’s be honest, watching the Marvel movies in chronological order is the only way to do the MCU justice. While you’ll always get your diehard ‘release order’ fans, or the ones who just watch the films in any old order they feel like (yuck!), watching the Marvel movies in chronological order gives a whole new … Read more

Halo games in chronological order

Looking to play through the Halo games in chronological order? Then our guide has you covered. Halo Infinite is finally here which means it’s time for a ‘great journey’ for new players looking to catch up on the epic saga starring Master Chief, the alien supergroup known as the Covenant, and all the glowing, blue … Read more

Heart disease: Rare mutation in Old Order Amish people may lower heart disease risk

A genetic mutation may cause lower levels of cholesterol and a blood clotting protein associated with heart disease, and the hope is to design drugs that have the same effect Health 2 December 2021 By Michael Le Page CT scan of a human heart K H FUNG/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A rare genetic mutation first identified in … Read more