Best sci-fi movies of all time

We’ve put together a list of the best sci-fi movies so you can make sure you’ve seen the best the genre has to offer. From battles with grizzly alien beasts, to somber tales of isolation and musings on what it means to be human, our list covers every corner of the sci-fi genre. It’s almost … Read more

The Terminator movies in order

If you’re looking to watch The Terminator movies in order, you’re going to need our guide, or a PhD in temporal mechanics. The Terminator franchise is a sci-fi epic – six movies (some excellent, some questionable), each one a building block to form the intrepid web of cyborg assassins and future wars. But what is … Read more

Best sci-fi movies of the 80s

Perm your hair and grab your Walkman as we rundown the best sci-fi movies of the 80s. The 80s are famous for so many things — the release of the first Macintosh computer, the rise of hip-hop and punk rock, big hair, and bold, bright fashion choices, but most importantly, we’re taking a look at … Read more

Star Wars movies ranked, worst to best

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Best space movies | Space

The best space movies are beautiful manifestations of human curiosity, because for as long as humans have been around, they have always looked up towards the stars and wondered what mysteries they contained. The heavenly bodies – planets, stars, sun, and moon – have inspired countless tales and legends throughout human history. Our first cinematic … Read more

Marvel movies you probably haven’t seen

With Spider-Man: No Way Home, Disney has at long last acknowledged that Marvel movies didn’t begin and end with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s recent reshoots are rumored to have added even more crossovers and cameos, so there’s the possibility the media giant will be digging further into … Read more

The Terminator movies, ranked worst to best

The Terminator movies have brought fans sci-fi greatness with cyborg assassins, excellent action scenes, and honestly, some great laughs. Arnie wasn’t wrong, we did keep coming back for more… but what would a ranking list of The Terminator franchise look like? Well, fortunately, we’ve rewatched all six of The Terminator movies (thanks to our The … Read more

Upcoming sci-fi movies for 2022

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Best asteroid movies | Space

Our list of the best asteroid movies has crashed to Earth, but which of them made the deepest impact? A fictional threatening comet or asteroid provides perfect fodder for a science fiction film. Happily, NASA and its partners scan the skies regularly for threatening small bodies and so far, in real life, they have found … Read more