This Maine Farm is Harvesting the Sun’s Power While it Picks the Blueberries

Carey: I’m standing on a hillside. All around me are short shrubs with purple stems and waxy leaves. A brisk December wind moves through the lowbush blueberry bushes. But among the plants sits an odd sight… row after row of solar panels.  You’ve heard of solar farms. And you’ve heard of blueberry farms. But a … Read more

NASA picks Lockheed Martin to build rocket to carry Mars samples back to Earth

NASA’s Mars sample-return plan continues to come together. The agency announced on Monday (Feb. 7) that it has selected the aerospace company Lockheed Martin to build the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV), a small rocket that will launch pristine Red Planet samples back toward Earth a decade or so from now. “Committing to the Mars Ascent … Read more

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Best binoculars 2021: Top picks for stargazing

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