The Cartographers review: A perceptive sci-fi love letter to maps

In The Cartographers, Peng Shepherd’s latest work of magical realist speculative fiction, the characters have a habit of asking “what makes a map?”. The answer, it becomes clear, is its purpose, finds Sally Adee Humans 9 March 2022 By Sally Adee MAPS can seem such dry, factual objects: blueprints of reality that are useful to … Read more

Edward Ashton discusses his new sci-fi novel headed for Hollywood, ‘Mickey7’ (exclusive)

Existential themes of identity and immortality are carefully explored in Edward Ashton’s engaging new sci-fi novel “Mickey7” (St. Martin’s Press, 2022), a witty book filled with a refreshing dose of clever humor and old-fashioned planetary adventure. Billed as “The Martian” meets “Multiplicity” (with a touch of Duncan Jones’ “Moon“), “Mickey7” introduces readers to an Expendable … Read more

Real USS Enterprise: Future tech could make sci-fi a reality

Launched into space from the mind of creator Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s, the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 was the very first Star Trek spacecraft to reach warp speed on television screens around the world. The time-travelling, ultra-fast and near-invisible “Constitution-class” starship was the most advanced spacecraft at the time of its launch in 2245.  Built-in … Read more

Best sci-fi movies of all time

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Best sci-fi books of 2022

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Bigbug review: A sci-fi comedy about a sexy kind of singularity

The new slapstick sci-fi offering by French directorial royalty Jean-Pierre Jeunet is plagued by predictable innuendo Humans 2 March 2022 By Gregory Wakeman Romance can get complicated when you are locked in with a sex robot while the androids attack Bruno Calvo/Netflix Bigbug Jean-Pierre Jeunet Netflix JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET is widely regarded as one of the … Read more

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Climb aboard a haunted spaceship in S.A. Barnes’ new sci-fi horror novel ‘Dead Silence’ (exclusive)

There’s just something about abandoned, derelict spaceships drifting in outer space that makes our skin crawl in the best possible way.  Video games like “Dead Space” and Hollywood films such as “Event Horizon” have reinforced the popular “haunted house in space” horror hybrid theme to create an alluring sub-genre that spans across all arenas of … Read more