‘The Russians must know it’s a lie.’ Ukrainian bat research spun into a false tale of bioweapons | Science

In 2020, German researchers began to collaborate with Ukrainian colleagues to survey bat parasites, mostly bloodsuckers such as ticks and fleas. They wanted to know what kinds of bacteria the bats in Ukraine harbored—a first step in identifying any potential threats to human health. Researchers at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine in … Read more

A Reverse Journey through Geologic Time, a Tale of Wild Horses and Interspecies Kinship, and More

NONFICTION Life, Linked A reverse journey through geologic time shows the interconnectedness of Earth’s species Otherlands: Journeys in Earth’s Extinct Ecosystems by Thomas Halliday Random House, 2022 ($28.99) As a teenager, I was obsessed with dinosaurs, but I had little aptitude for what came before them. I couldn’t make sense of what John McPhee, in … Read more

DIY treatments and clinical trials – one person’s tale of long covid

By MB Caschetta Illustration of a receptor on the surface of a B cell binding to SARS-CoV-2, as part of the body’s immune response. Anatomic Groove/Science Photo Library On Body Politic’s covid-19 support group, which uses the app Slack, my username says it all. I am MBCaschetta_May2020. I caught covid-19 on 15 May 2020 and … Read more

Hawaiian Soul review: An inspiring tale of environmental activism

An uplifting film tells the story of how George Jarrett Helm Jr became a leading voice in a movement for environmental and Indigenous rights in Hawaii Humans 1 December 2021 By Simon Ings The US military used Kaho’olawe as target practice for decades Courtesy of CCFF 2021/Hawaiian Soul Film Hawaiian Soul ‘Āina Paikai WHAT IS … Read more