8 ways that SpaceX has transformed spaceflight

Falcon. Dragon. Starlink. Starship. Starman. SpaceX has contributed a lot to our spaceflight vernacular, showing just how far the company has come in its first 20 years.  Elon Musk founded SpaceX on March 14, 2002, with big dreams of creating reusable rockets, commercial spacecraft and other advanced technology. Musk has said that few believed it … Read more

How ‘Flower Power’ Quite Literally Transformed Earth Millions of Years Ago

Following the time of the dinosaurs, it might well be that the evolution of flowering plants drove the explosion in the diversity of life on Earth, according to a 2021 paper. Most of the plants we now eat, drink, wear, and build with are of the flowering variety. They’re called angiosperms, which roughly translates from … Read more