UK announces ban on space-related exports to Russia

The United Kingdom has issued new trade sanctions against Russia that ban all space-related exports to that country in response to its invasion of Ukraine.  U.K. Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss announced the new space export sanctions on Wednesday (March 9) alongside deeper sanctions related to aviation, including new powers to detain Russian aircraft. The space-related … Read more

Boris Johnson announces ‘living with covid’ plan for England – including the end of legal requirements to isolate from 24 February

By Adam Vaughan A covid-19 vaccination site in London ANDY RAIN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock England is to end all of its remaining legal coronavirus rules – including the requirement for people with covid-19 to self-isolate – under a ‘living with covid’ plan announced today in parliament by UK prime minister Boris Johnson. The significant shift means the country … Read more

The International Space Station will plunge into the sea in 2031, NASA announces

The International Space Station will plunge into the sea in January 2031, NASA has announced.  The orbiting laboratory, which launched in 1998, will splash-land 1,678 miles (2,700 kilometers) from land at Point Nemo, the final Pacific Ocean resting place for many dead satellites and space stations such as Russia’s Mir, according to the National Oceanic … Read more