This New Record in Laser Beam Stability Could Help Answer Physics’ Biggest Questions

Scientists are on a mission to create a global network of atomic clocks that will enable us to, among other things, better understand the fundamental laws of physics, investigate dark matter, and navigate across Earth and space more precisely.   However, to be at their most effective, these clocks will need to be reliably and … Read more

New head of Indian space agency’s ‘biggest challenge’ will be human spaceflight

The new head of the India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has an ambitious agenda to put human spaceflight back on track, according to media reports. Shri. Somanath assumed the helm of the agency on Friday (Jan. 14) as ISRO works to help the Gaganyaan human spaceflight program recover from setbacks in part induced by the … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope is fully deployed. So what’s next for the biggest observatory off Earth?

Work for the James Webb Space Telescope is just beginning. On Saturday (Jan. 8), the new observatory, the largest space telescope ever built, successfully unfolded its final primary mirror segment to cap what NASA has billed as one of its most complicated deployments in space ever. The Webb mission team is now turning its attention … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope, the biggest ever built, fully unfolds giant mirror to gaze at the cosmos

Astronomers and space fans around the world can breathe a sigh of relief: The James Webb Space Telescope is now fully deployed. The $10 billion NASA observatory unfolded the second “wing” of its massive primary mirror today (Jan. 8), bringing the light-collecting structure up to its full size and marking the end of the mission’s … Read more

Climate change threatens one of world’s biggest fish harvests | Science

The Peruvian anchovy is a small fish with a big impact. Only about the size of an index finger, they make up the single largest fish catch in the world—sometimes up to 15% of the global haul. Nearly all the highly nutritious fish are ground up to feed salmon and other farm-raised species that are … Read more

Astronomers Discover One of The Biggest Structures Ever Seen in The Milky Way

Roughly 13.8 billion years ago, our Universe was born in a massive explosion that gave rise to the first subatomic particles and the laws of physics as we know them. About 370,000 years later, hydrogen had formed, the building block of stars, which fuse hydrogen and helium in their interiors to create all the heavier … Read more

The 10 biggest exoplanet discoveries of 2021

The place that humans know most intimately in all the universe is a rocky planet called Earth. It makes sense, then, that humans are existentially driven to imagine what other such celestial bodies may be like. The scientific curiosity about what planets exist beyond the sun’s neighborhood is supported by several missions, like NASA’s Transiting … Read more

Biggest science news of 2021: ‘Right to Repair’ campaigners claim iPhone victory

Groups campaigning for electronics manufacturers to make it easier for people to repair their own devices scored a surprise victory when Apple promised to sell parts and tools for fixing iPhones Technology 31 December 2021 By Matthew Sparkes iPhones require careful repairs wichan yodsawai/Alamy Apple made a surprise announcement in November that it would begin … Read more

The 10 biggest space science stories of 2021

The year 2021 was one of major scientific expansion. Thanks to a variety of exploratory missions and their cutting-edge instruments, astronomers have been able to peer into the cosmos like never before. Researchers have turned the Earth into a giant telescope to view powerful jets from a black hole. Solar system surveys have revealed new … Read more