War in Ukraine and Climate Change Could Combine to Create a Food Crisis

Russia’s war in Ukraine is squeezing food supplies in countries that depend on those two nations for critical grains and cooking oils. The halt in agricultural shipments out of the Black Sea has sent the price of wheat and fertilizer soaring and prompted growing concerns of a global food crisis. In Turkey, people are scrambling … Read more

Physicists create bizarre quantum ‘domain walls’ in new experiment

Scientists can now reliably create a strange quantum object called a domain wall. The discovery could lead to new quantum technology and to a better understanding of quantum particles in general. Domain walls form when groups of atoms at very low temperatures segregate into different clumps, or “domains.” Between those domains forms a “wall” that … Read more

Scientists want to create a library of every sound in the ocean | Science

Most of us have heard the plaintive songs of humpback whales, or the cries of orcas chattering with their pods. But what about the strains of the spiky kina sea urchin? (It makes a hollow plopping sound.) Now, scientists want to bring the song of the kina—and thousands of other unassuming sea creatures—to other researchers … Read more

Mopping can create air pollution that rivals city streets | Science

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but a new study suggests it could have an unexpected downside: A few minutes of mopping indoors with a fresh-scented cleaning product can generate as many airborne particles as vehicles on a busy city street. The finding suggests custodians and professional cleaners may be at risk of health effects … Read more

Most carbon capture technologies create more emissions than they save

Carbon capture and utilisation technologies, which aim to pull carbon dioxide from the air and use it for emissions-lowering processes, emit more carbon than they remove Environment 18 February 2022 By Alex Wilkins A carbon capture facility at the Hawiyah Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant in Saudi Arabia Maya Siddiqui/Bloomberg via Getty Images Most carbon … Read more

Moon: crashing rocket will create new crater – here’s what we should worry about

This is a still frame from the short film “A Trip to the Moon.” (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Melies) This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Space.com’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. David Rothery is a professor of planetary geosciences at The Open University. It’s not often that the sudden appearance … Read more

Space Force satellite launch could create a luminous cloud in tonight’s evening sky

If you are outside doing some stargazing in the Western Hemisphere this evening and are looking up at just the right time, you might catch sight of something that will appear quite strange: a small circular cloud of light that will rapidly expand to roughly the apparent size of a full moon, before finally fading … Read more