Covid-19 news: Arthritis drug shows promise to treat severe cases

By Michael Le Page, Clare Wilson, Jessica Hamzelou, Sam Wong, Graham Lawton, Adam Vaughan, Conrad Quilty-Harper, Jason Arunn Murugesu, Layal Liverpool, Carissa Wong, Alex Wilkins and Alexandra Thompson Baricitinib Felipe caparros cruz/Alamy Latest coronavirus news as of 12pm on 4 March Immune-suppressing treatment reduces deaths even in people already taking existing covid-19 medicines Another treatment … Read more

Messenger RNA Therapies Are Finally Fulfilling Their Promise

In just 17 years, messenger RNA therapies have gone from proof of concept to global salvation. The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for COVID-19 have been given to hundreds of millions of people, saving countless lives. In 2005 Katalin Karikó and I created a way to make mRNA molecules that would not cause dangerous inflammation when … Read more

The Pandemic Showed the Promise of Cities with Fewer Cars

Residents learned what was possible. Some politicians fought to keep it that way Credit: James Olstein Advertisement During COVID’s first wave, the streets of New York and other major cities became eerily empty. Mournful sirens replaced the usual bustle and din. But urban dwellers also heard something new: an abundance of birdsong. During walks outside—the … Read more

Endometriosis Drug Shows Promise in Preliminary Phase 3 Trial Results

A new drug with the potential to treat endometriosis-associated pain with very few side effects is getting closer to official approval. Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition and the leading cause of pelvic pain worldwide. With no known cause or cure, many patients have run out of options and are living with chronic and unrelenting symptoms.   … Read more

Convalescent plasma shows renewed promise for COVID-19 in outpatient trial | Science

Among the possible treatments for people just developing COVID-19 symptoms, antibody-rich plasma donated by recovered patients has taken a backseat to options such as monoclonal antibodies and antiviral pills. But a new clinical trial suggests it may deserve a bigger role. The trial results, posted today as a preprint, showed a transfusion of convalescent plasma … Read more