James Webb Space Telescope team taking a rest day before sunshield tensioning begins

To celebrate the new year, consider taking a day to rest. That’s what the team managing the complicated process of deploying the James Webb Space Telescope are doing, taking Saturday (Jan. 1) off. Work will resume on Sunday (Jan. 2), according to an agency update. The pause comes after a long day on Friday (Dec. … Read more

Will Giving COVID Booster Shots Make It Harder to Vaccinate the Rest of the World?

Editor’s Note (12/21/21): This article is being showcased in a special collection about equity in health care that was made possible by the support of Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The article was published independently and without sponsorship. As people in the U.S. and other wealthy countries begin lining up for COVID vaccine booster shots, most of those … Read more

Rocket scientists aren’t any smarter than the rest of us, science says

The phrase “It’s not rocket science” is commonly used to describe tasks that aren’t difficult or complicated. But are rocket scientists really smarter than everyone else? That was a vital question that researchers sought to answer in a new study published in the annual light-hearted Christmas issue of the high-profile medical journal BMJ; the study … Read more

The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the world | Science

It’s almost a mantra in climate science: The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. But that figure, found in scientific studies, advocacy reports, the popular press, and even the 2021 U.N. climate assessment, is incorrect, obscuring the true toll of global warming on the north, a team of climate … Read more