Hard-Won Pandemic Gains – Scientific American

Building on lessons learned from SARS-CoV-2, pandemic preparedness has taken on renewed urgency Credit: Scientific American Health & Medicine, April/May 2022 Advertisement The COVID pandemic is by no means over. Despite plunging case numbers in the U.S. as of this writing, many countries in the world are still experiencing peak infection rates. And it is … Read more

Behold The Most Up-to-Date Scientific Reconstruction of a Prehistoric Ichthyosaur

A thorough review of 300 years of research, and an exceptionally preserved fossil, have given us what paleontologists say is the most up-to-date reconstruction yet of an ancient beast.   Living alongside dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era, ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles that swam and hunted in Earth’s oceans. Resembling reptilian dolphins, these fascinating animals thrived … Read more

Astonishing Conscious Mind – Scientific American

Neuroscientists may have discovered the brain regions that give rise to our identity Credit: Scientific American MIND, March/April 2022 Advertisement Human consciousness remains one of the biggest puzzles in science. Indeed, we have made moderate progress on how to measure it but less on how it arises in the first place. And what gives rise … Read more

Mind from Matter – Scientific American

In 2016 a panel of physicists, a cosmologist and a philosopher gathered at the American Museum of Natural History to discuss an idea seemingly befitting science fiction: Are we living in a computer simulation? How exactly the flesh and blood of our brain is able to formulate an aware, self-examining mind capable of critical thought … Read more

Cosmic-Level Anxiety – Scientific American

Credit: Scientific American Space & Physics, February/March 2022 Advertisement On this past Christmas Day, NASA scientists and engineers cheered and breathed a cautious sigh of relief for the first time in, likely, years. The James Webb Space Telescope launch had gone off successfully, after years of delay, budget overages and technical challenges. In the ensuing … Read more

Clinical-Grade Pig Kidney Transplanted Into Human Patient in Scientific First

For only the second time ever – and the first involving a clinical-grade organ – a genetically modified pig kidney has successfully been transplanted into a brain-dead human body, in a milestone example of xenotransplantation.   Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are trapped in an agonizing wait for a lifesaving organ donation. But there are … Read more

Omicron leads to fresh wave of scientific meeting cancellations | Science

In a near rerun of early 2020, when dozens of meetings were canceled on short notice because of the pandemic, a handful of scientific societies are once again canceling their in-person meetings as the ultracontagious Omicron variant sweeps across the globe. Although many societies were better prepared for the latest wave because they planned hybrid … Read more

Maintenance – Scientific American

Maintenance – Scientific American <img alt=”dcsimg” id=”dcsimg” width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”https://statse.webtrendslive.com/dcszbiart00000oiar2s6w5ud_4y9j/njs.gif?dcsuri=/nojavascript&amp;WT.js=No&amp;WT.tv=10.4.12&amp;dcssip=www.sciam.com”/>

Hangover Cures Aren’t Supported by Scientific Evidence, Scientists Say

If a hangover is an experience you’re familiar with, then you might have your own go-to hangover cure to try and get yourself back from that painful, zombie-fied state. However, we have bad news: new research suggests that most of these cures don’t have any solid science behind them.   Through a review of 21 … Read more

Hacking the Ransomware Problem – Scientific American

During a ransomware hack, attackers infiltrate a target’s computer system and encrypt its data. They then demand a payment before they will release the decryption key to free the system. This type of extortion has existed for decades, but in the 2010s it exploded in popularity, with online gangs holding local governments, infrastructure and even … Read more