Russia’s Ukraine invasion and space impacts: Live updates

Refresh 2022-03-08T03:04:05.879Z Russian space chief trades barbs with astronaut Scott Kelly NASA astronaut Scott Kelly gives two thumbs up while resting up from a 340-day mission to the International Space Station. Kelly and two Russian crewmates landed their Soyuz capsule in a remote area of Kazakhstan on March 2, 2016 (Kazakh time). (Image credit: NASA/Bill … Read more

International Space Station: Live space tourist updates

Refresh 2021-12-19T14:26:21.267Z Landing day for Japanese space tourists Billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa (left), cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin (center) and video producer Yozo Hirano (right) are scheduled to launch toward the International Space Station on Dec. 8, 2021. Hirano will participate in health-related research during and after the mission. (Image credit: CPK/Roscosmos) It’s landing day for Japanese … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch: Live updates

Refresh 2021-12-15T01:04:36.927Z New launch date set (Image credit: M.Pedoussaut/ESA) The James Webb Space Telescope is now scheduled to launch no earlier than Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), NASA announced today. “The James Webb Space Telescope team is working a communication issue between the observatory and the launch vehicle system,” NASA officials¬†said in a statement. “This will … Read more