There’s Something About Eating Mushrooms That Seems to Lower Depression Risk

A large-scale analysis of people who eat mushrooms suggests they have a lower risk of developing depression. The association is still a mystery, and for now, the authors say the data should be interpreted with caution. There’s always a chance the results are a mere correlation, especially since eating more mushrooms didn’t seem to lower … Read more

Eating Less Red Meat Is Something Individuals Can Do to Help the Climate Crisis

When I give public lectures about the climate crisis, the most common question people pose is: “Are you an optimist or a pessimist?” My answer is yes. California has achieved dramatic emissions reductions in a thriving economy, which makes me hopeful, yet in general the fossil-fuel industry is determined not to change. The second most … Read more

Here’s What You Really Should Know About ‘Negative-Calorie’ Foods, According to Experts

The internet is full of quick-fix weight-loss hacks. One popular suggestion is to eat ‘negative-calorie’ foods such as celery, because you burn more energy eating and digesting the celery than you absorb.   Is it true that eating some foods makes us lose calories rather than gain them? And does eating these foods help weight loss? We … Read more